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Class of 1978

Milwaukie High School Thespian Film


A Cincer Production
( Cinematic Cerebration )


The Amorphous Threat


Mike Hanauska and Pam Demerest in the Milwaukie High School Thespian Film "The Amorphous Threat" - Class of 1978


At some time in our lives, we are all threatened by an amorphous fear - that vague, indeterminate, formless anxiety that weakens our sense of well-being and security. Each of us is potentially vulnerable.


The Amorphous Threat illustrates this fear. Though the threat that strikes mortally more than once, it is imaginatively and equally experienced by susceptible individuals.


Cinematography: Scott Griffith


Editing: Richard Geer and Scott Griffith


Script: Richard Geer and Tim Davis


Showing dates: May 25 & 26, 1978


Action Sequence and Cast of Characters (In order of appearance)


1. The streets of Clairmont

James Moore, an innocent youth, is unaware of what might happen on a solitary walk home at night.


James Moore ------------------------------------------------------ Sean Torey

Stranger ------------------------------------------------------------- John Andrews


2. Uncle Raymond's visit to the Winters

Mrs. Winter demonstrates a Mother's concern for her family when a relative behaves unexpectedely.


Newscaster ---------------------------------------------------------Sally Iverson

Mrs. Terri Winter ---------------------------------------------------Kelly Batey

Mr. Ronald Winter -------------------------------------------------Brad Englund

Marcie Winter ------------------------------------------------------ Pam Demarest

Uncle Raymond ---------------------------------------------------Mike Hanauska


3. Norma and Sidney on Vacation

Norma is frustrated because of her husband's petulant consistency, but a hitchhicker proves Norma is more disturbed by feminine inconsistency.


Sidney ---------------------------------------------------------------Eric Wright

Norma ---------------------------------------------------------------Brenda Schreiber

Kathy -----------------------------------------------------------------Nancy Doupe


4. John's encounters with Scott

John senses only danger in a supposed old friend, and his imagination motivates negative reactions.


John -----------------------------------------------------------------Richard Geer

Scott -----------------------------------------------------------------Tim Davis


5. Marian and Mae at home alone


Marian ---------------------------------------------------------------Karla Glatz

Mae ------------------------------------------------------------------ Cherral Miller

Newscaster --------------------------------------------------------Scott Griffith




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