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Three Films in 1972


Fun and Games But is a 1972 Milwaukie High School Thespian Film
In 1972 we got ambitious and produced three films. Here you see Mollie Tondreau in "Fun and Games - But..."


Ron Juchemich in the 1972 Milwaukie High School Film "Twisted Track"

The short film "Twisted Track" was entered in the Oregon Film Makers competition and took a First Place. The film starred Ron Juchemich and Richard Geer. This was an experimental film in which we trying out a new camera and just needed a story to shoot.



Karen Fossati in a scene from the Milwaukie High School 1972 film - Futility in Revolt
Karen Fossati got to play several roles in "Futility in Revolt". In this scene she played along side her own father in the role of his wife.


This film was a bit of a change for us as it was not filmed during the school year but during the Summer of 1972, this film then premiered in December of the 1972-73 school year.



Class of 1972

Milwaukie High School Thespians


Three Cincer Productions

(Cinematic Cerebration)


Fun and Games - But...

Mollie Tondraeu and Merilee Harms in the 1972 Milwaukie High School Film "Fun and Games But..."

Created, Edited, and Directed by:
Richard Geer and Ron Juchemich

Scott Griffith

Milwaukie High School Auditorium - May 18, 19, 20, 1972 - 7:30 PM


The deadliest word in man's existence is "but". Even with the most genuine remark, a human may have an inevitable temptation to qualify with "but". One of the greatest hopes for man is that he may somehow overcome his natural tendencies and believe in another person, But...


Cast of characters (In order of appearance)



Sybil Buttes ------------------------------------------------Mollie Tondreau

Butch Buttes -----------------------------------------------Steve Barnes
Mrs. Buttes -------------------------------------------------Lisa Chereghino
Prunella ------------------------------------------------------Merilee Harms
Hank ----------------------------------------------------------Ron Juchemich
Woman with groceries ---------------------------------Gail Kulm
Man in car --------------------------------------------------Jerome Lillie
Prunella's dog ---------------------------------------------Dusty Griffith
Opal -----------------------------------------------------------Geraldine Hoyt
Polly -----------------------------------------------------------Frances Whitehill
Andy -----------------------------------------------------------Richard Geer
Patsy ----------------------------------------------------------Cynthia Duncan
Heroine -------------------------------------------------------Kathy Johnson
Monster ------------------------------------------------------John Willers
Photographer -----------------------------------------------Don Juchemich
Director -------------------------------------------------------Bob Stull
Bessie ---------------------------------------------------------Lauren Leland
Louise ---------------------------------------------------------Kathy McQueary
Kathy -----------------------------------------------------------Laurie Schmunk

Joe --------------------------------------------------------------Dave Johnsrud
Ed ----------------------------------------------------------------Jerry Martens
Jim --------------------------------------------------------------Mike Saban
Tom -------------------------------------------------------------Roger Stephen
Naomi ----------------------------------------------------------Grace McGinnis
Naomi's Dog --------------------------------------------------Liesl McGinnis
Clyde ------------------------------------------------------------Jim Crawford
Bob Packman ------------------------------------------------Dave Wells
Mrs. Packman -----------------------------------------------Karen Fossati




Twisted Track

Ron Juchemich in a scene from the 1972 Milwaukie High School Thespian Film "Twisted Track"


A Short Film Created, Edited, and Directed by:
Richard Geer and Ron Juchemich

Scott Griffith


The human being conceives tracks, plans of action, but despite his cleverness, he is still at the mercy of his iner self and life's ironies.


Cast of characters (In order of appearance)



John -----------------------------------------------------------Scott Griffith
Pete ------------------------------------------------------------Dave Johnsrud
Roy -------------------------------------------------------------Richard Geer
Rick ------------------------------------------------------------Ron Juchemich



Class of 1972
Milwaukie High School Thespian Film

Karen Fossati in the instant before getting drenched in a scene from the Summer of 1972 Milwaukie High School Film "Futility In Revolt"

A Cincer Production


Futility In Revolt



Man established himself in a demanding world of conflict and adjustment. He finds himself encircled in a social pattern of repetition or rebellion. He may attempt to rely on and / or empathically understand others, but man is ultimately responsible for what he becomes.


Script: Richard Geer and Ron Juchemich


Cinematography: Scott Griffith


Direction and Editing: Richard Geer


Filmed during the Summer of 1972

Showing: Milwaukie High Auditorium - December 11 & 12, 1972 - 7:30 PM


Cast (In order of appearance)



Charles Radehr ------------------------------------------------ Ron Juchemich

Jack Herick -------------------------------------------------------Richard Geer

Mrs. Abbott, Charles' Mother in Law -----------------------Gail Kulm

Penny Radehr, Charles' Wife --------------------------------Kathy Johnson

Todd Radehr, Charles' Son ----------------------------------James Gritters

Jack as youth -----------------------------------------------------Hal Kulm

Jack's Mother -----------------------------------------------------Karen Fossati

Jacks' Father -----------------------------------------------------George Fossati

The Dream Children ---------------------Keely Beckman, Mitzi Beckman,
                                        Leslie Carrigg, Deanna Feikert, Julie Feikert,

                                        Janine Jolley, Brenda Smelser, Loren Smelser

Mr. Douglas -------------------------------------------------------Jerry Magorian

Miss Foster, Jack's Teacher ----------------------------------Karen Fossati

Gerald ---------------------------------------------------------------Kelly Juchemich

Sylvia, Jack's Former Friend ----------------------------------Karen Fossati

Silvia's Friend -----------------------------------------------------Don Juchemich

Insect Woman ----------------------------------------------------Charlotte Leslie

Camera Man -------------------------------------------------------Scott Griffith

Playground Mother -----------------------------------------------Alice Ormsby

Mabel Herick, Jack's Wife --------------------------------------Karen Fossati

Jack as Child -----------------------------------------------------Trevor Breaderton

Jack's Childhood Enemy --------------------------------------Brett Horton

Jack's Grade School Enemy ---------------------------------Jim Jolley

Carol, Jack's Schoolmate -------------------------------------Karen Fossati
Carol's Friends ------------------------------Pam Fossati and Don Juchemich

Pam, Jack's Neighbor ------------------------------------------Karen Fossati
Pam's Friends -------------------------------Don Juchemich and Pam Fossati

Julie's Brother ----------------------------------------------------Clark Walworth
Julie ------------------------------------------------------------------Becky Dawson
Elma's Husband --------------------------------------------------Harold Kulm
Elma ------------------------------------------------------------------Mary Kulm

Harold's Son -------------------------------------------------------Dick Clark
Harold ----------------------------------------------------------------Roger Smelser
Ed ---------------------------------------------------------------------Bill Griffith
The Thorne Dogs ----------------------------Dusty Griffith and Liesl McGinnis

Miss Thorne --------------------------------------------------------Cynthia Duncan
Mr. Thorne -----------------------------------------------------------Mac McGinnis
Mrs. Thorne ---------------------------------------------------------Grace McGinnis
Betty's Boyfriend ---------------------------------------------------Jim Siri
Betty -------------------------------------------------------------------Molly Tondreau





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