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This is the last Thespian film completed under the
direction of Richard Geer. Two other films were started by Scott Griffith. Richard helped by getting students involved to fill the roles needed. Although a lot of film was shot, neither film saw completion.

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Has to be More than a Wish



Class of 1979

Milwaukie High School Thespian Film


A Cincer Production
( Cinematic Cerebration )


Has to Be More than a Wish

- A Film Fantasy -

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Richard Geer and Tim Davis in the Milwaukie High School Class of 1979 Thespian film - Has to be More than a Wish

Cinematography & Special Effects: Scott Griffith


Direction: Richard Geer, Timothy Davis, Daniel Swan


Editing: Scott Griffith


Showing dates: June 1 & 2, 1979


Action Sequence and Cast of Characters (In order of appearance)



1. The Teased


Shellie ---------------------------------------------------------------- Bunny Clark

Mark ------------------------------------------------------------------- Bill Web

Pam ------------------------------------------------------------------- Darci Haberman

Lynda ----------------------------------------------------------------- Sherri Yoder


2. The Mistreated


Patty ------------------------------------------------------------------ Teresa McAfee

Mary ------------------------------------------------------------------ Shawna Groves


3. The Chased


Roy -------------------------------------------------------------------- Jim Cox

Max -------------------------------------------------------------------- Sean Torrey


4. The Wish


Aunt Millicent -------------------------------------------------------Cherral Miller

Jaro-Satu ----------------------------------------------------------- Tomothy Davis

Sato-Jaru ----------------------------------------------------------- Richard Geer


5. The Teasing


Louise --------------------------------------------------------------- Tracy Hill

Peggy ---------------------------------------------------------------- Leah Miller


6. The Chasing


Jacky ----------------------------------------------------------------- Craig Mayes

Skip ------------------------------------------------------------------- Mike Hyde

Bonnie --------------------------------------------------------------- Brandy Hansen


7. The Mistreating


Charlie -------------------------------------------------------------- Glen Small

Julie ------------------------------------------------------------------D'Ann Potwin

Beach Bums ------------------------------------------ Dan Swan & Scott Griffith




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