Scott Griffith and Richard Geer - Milwaukie High School Thespian Films
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Richard Geer in Milwaukie High School Film in 1980

Richard Geer as Resnick, a
collector of mysterious objects.


Tim Davis in 1980 Milwaukie High Film

Tim Davis is the Dreamer.


Marsha Smith in 1980 Milwaukie High Film

Marsha Smith is the Dream Girl.


Bill Webb and Shawna Groves in 1980 Milwaukie High School Film

Bill Webb & Shawna Groves are a
couple. Bill torments Tim in film.



Class of 1980

Milwukie High School Thespians


Mind Games

A film concept by Scott Griffith

( This film was never completed )


Short animation sequence shot for the film Mind Games.
I experimented with editing this clip from work print of the film.
I substituted my voice for the apprentice wizard Craig Mayes
and also played with visual and audio effects. Film was shot in 1980, this test editing was done in 1998.



Tim Davis and Marsha Smith on location in Selwwod during the filming of the Milwaukie High School Film of 1980
Richard Geer holds the boom microphone as Tim Davis and
Marsha Smith await direction and Brian McDonald records sound.


This film was written and directed by me, Scott Griffith. It is also the only film that Richard and I did not finish. This was an ambitious project with many special effects scenes. Also complicating the production was the fact that we were trying to do it with sound, which was very difficult using the technology of the day.


I will be posting a photo album from this film and eventually I will transfer some of the filmed scenes onto DVD. Please write me if you have any questions or desire to see what elements I can pull together from the film elements I have.


Tim Davis and Marsha Smith - Milwaukie High School 1980 Thespian Film

Tim Davis and Marsh Smith in a climatic scene filmed in the Columbia Gorge.


Brian McDonald helps record audio for the 1980 Milwaukie High Schoo Film "Mind Games"
Kirk Keyes also assists on the 1980 Milwaukie High School Film "Mind Games"
Brian McDonald and Kirk Keyes assist in capturing audio for the film "Mind Games". These two Juniors at
Milwaukie High School were very helpful, full of enthusiasm for the project and a lot of fun to work with.


Scott Griffith captures audio for a Party shot at Marsha Smith's house
I also get into the act capturing audio for the party scene taking place in Marsha Smith's back yard.


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