Richard Geer and Scott Griffith - Milwaukie High School Thespian Films
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Scott Griffith shooting with a Beaulieu 16mm camera on the 1976 Milwaukie High School Thespian Film "Miss J.'s Natural Way"

Now shooting in 16mm instead of Super-8, the quality of the productions rose as well as the film costs and lab fees.



Class of 1976

Milwaukie High School Thespian Film


A Cincer Production
( Cinematic Cerebration )


Miss J.'s Natural Way


Kathy Johnson in the 1976 Milwaukie High School Thespian Film "Miss J.'s Natural Way"



Cinematography: Scott Griffith


Editing: Richard Geer


Script and Direction: Richard Geer and Dan Swan


Showing dates: June 10 & 11, 1976


Action Sequence and Cast of Characters (In order of appearance)



1. The Bookstore

Bertha -----------------------------------------------------------------Gina Behrman
Pat ---------------------------------------------------------------------Janice Urben
Kathe ------------------------------------------------------------------Lisa Kallioinen
Jake -------------------------------------------------------------------Kevin Schreiber


2. Pat and Kathy's Imagination

Menace ---------------------------------------------------------------Steve Graham


3. The Bookstore

Tony -------------------------------------------------------------------Rodney Huschka


4. Jake's Imagination


5. The Bookstore

Sheila ----------------------------------------------------------------Sally Iverson


6. The School Classroom

Mr. Schultzit ---------------------------------------------------------Randy Sommers
Monica ---------------------------------------------------------------Christiy Freitas
Larry ------------------------------------------------------------------Richard Recker
Molly ------------------------------------------------------------------Sue Kenny
Priscilla Pottsley --------------------------------------------------Shirley Martin


7. Pat's Imagination


8. The School Classroom


9. Tony's Imagination


10. The School Classroom


11. Priscilla's Bedroom


12. Priscilla's Imagination


13. Priscilla's Bedroom

Mrs. Pottsley -------------------------------------------------------Maryann Hatelid


14. The Park

Waldo ----------------------------------------------------------------Richard Geer


15. Sheila's Imagination


16. The Park


17. The Pottsley Living Room

Ms. Stickney -------------------------------------------------------Patti Henkel


18. Mrs. Pottsley and Ms. Stickney's Imagnation
Primitive Man -----------------------------------------------------Steve Graham


19. The Pottsley Living Room


20. The Park
Maggie -------------------------------------------------------------Laurel Wooley


21. Waldo's Imagination


22. The Park

Maggie's Friend -------------------------------------------------Dan Swan


23. Outside Molly's Home


24. The Beach


25. Larry's Imagination


26. The Beach


27. Montage




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