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Kathy Doupe gest ready to film at the Oregon beach in the 1977 Milwaukie High School Film "Only The Few Learn"
Kathy Doupe gets ready for her scene at the Oergon coast.


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Class of 1977

Milwaukie High School Thespian Film


A Cincer Production
( Cinematic Cerebration )


Only The Few Learn


Only The Few Learn was the 1977 Milwaukie High School Thespian Film


Only The Few Learn - A Milwaukie High School Class of 1977 Thespian Film


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Cinematography : Scott Griffith


Direction: Richard Geer


Editing & Script: Richard Geer & Scott Griffith


Showing dates: June 4 &6, 1977 at Milwaukie High School


Action Sequence and Cast of Characters ( In order of apearance )



1. Home Movies

Nute Hix -------------------------------------------------------- Richard Recker

Dudley Hix ----------------------------------------------------- Mike Hanauska

Phoebe Hix ----------------------------------------------------Janice Urben

Grandpa Hix -------------------------------------------------- Bart Riggs

Pa Hix ---------------------------------------------------------- Richard Geer

Ma Hix ---------------------------------------------------------- Louise Coburn

Sally Boyle ---------------------------------------------------- Susan Kenny

Mother Boyle ------------------------------------------------- Geraldine Hoyt


2. An Unexpected Vacation


3. The Challenging Road

Career Girl ---------------------------------------------------- Teena Hall

Man with a Car ----------------------------------------------- Dorsey Hasselblad

Gert ------------------------------------------------------------- Nancy Doupe


4. The Outhouse

Widow B. ------------------------------------------------------ Lisa Kallioinen


5. The Picnic

Elvis ------------------------------------------------------------- Brian Dunlap


6. A Wayside Camp

Night Prowlers ----------------------------------- Christy Freitas & Scott Griffith



7. The Trolley Park

Bessie ---------------------------------------------------------- Sally Iverson


8. The Beach

Sylvia ------------------------------------------------------------ Kathy Doupe

Butch ------------------------------------------------------------ Tom Simpson

Hunk ------------------------------------------------------------ Dan Sowards

Lulu ------------------------------------------------------------- Shelly Peters


9. Road Problems

Miss Zed ------------------------------------------------------- Kelly Batey

Miss Klinker --------------------------------------------------- Pam Demerest


10. Home Movies




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Kathy Doupe prepares for her role in "Only The Few Learn" a Milwaukie Gigh School Thespian Film - Class of 1977 Milwaukie High School Class of 1977 Thespian Film - Only The Few Learn