Richard Geer directed the Thespian Films at Milwaukie High School from 1970 to 1980
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Milwaukie High Schools' first Thespian film, shot on Super-8 film, was made in 1970 and included a large cast from the class of '70 as well as underclassmen and other teachers at Milwaukie High.

Nick Dalby in Turn of Youth

Turn of Youth

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Richard Geer and Jerry Kallioinen developed the script as the film was being made. In future films the script would be finished before filming had begun.


I had worked on several personal films by this time, this was my first experience working in the role of cinematographer for a large cast that included a director.


This film was the beginning of a life long friendship with Richard Geer and we would produce many films during the next decade.


The information to the right is from the program that was handed out at each showing. The cover art was created by Jerry Kallioinen.


Richard Geer's short film "Reflections. Susan Divito is seeing more than her reflection in the water at Elk Rock Island.

Richard's short film "Reflection"
is a remake of a film he created
for a film class he was taking at PSU during the Summer of 1970. His original film was in B&W.
This time he filmed it in color.



Class of 1970

Milwaukie High School Thespians


Turn Of Youth - First 25 minutes of film


Bob Stull  -  Anne Rutherford  -  Nick Dalby

Bob Stull in the 1970 Milwaukie High School film Turn Of Youth
Anne Rutherford in the 1970 Milwaukie High School film Turn Of Youth
Nick Dalby in the 1970 Milwaukie High School film Turn Of Youth




Turn of Youth, 1970 Milwaukie High School Thespian Film

Written and Directed by Mr. Richard Geer and Jerry Kallioinen

Richard Geer directed Turn Of Youth, the 1970 Milwaukie High School Thespian Film
Jerry Kallioinen helped to write and direct the 1970 Milwaukie High School Thespian film Turn Of Youth

Photographed and Edited by Scott Griffith

Scott Griffith photographed and edited the 1970 Milwaukie High School Thespian Film - Turn Of Youth

(Premiered) Milwaukie High School Upper Health Room May 20-24, 1970
Showing times at 3:00 & 7:30 P.M.


Turn of Youth depicts the experiences and realizations of Bob Walters and Jennifer Ann Tresko, two independent adolescents who are forced to encounter a world foreign to their own sharply contrasted environments. Prior to their mutual journey, Bob and Jennifer are acquainted only indirectly, having been worlds apart in a high school classroom. The inexplicable cruelty of Alan Conrad and the irony of life chance to join them in an escape flight.

Their travels bring them into contact with a variety of human types and environments. Alone or together, they meet constant obstacles and offers of help. After witnessing Alan's brutality and accepting Randy's ulterior offer to share a barn, Bob's distrust and self-reliance intensify. He imme­diately encounters Maybelle Dewberry, who appears kind and concerned but still has her own odd motives for entertaining him. Effie von Tringle, on the other hand, uses her clairvoyant abilities to send out disinterested aid, even though she inadvertently endangers Jennifer. Refuge is later offered to the two fugitives by the rustic Olson sisters. The sisters' contrary motives seem ' to conflict until time proves similarities. Bob and Jennifer's final and essential escape comes through the spontaneous, unselfish assistance of Chad, who is also peculiar but gives them the chance to reveal their mutual growth.

Though each of the teenagers has a parent who cares without success or ability for proof, neither feels secure nor adjusted. Both had avoided or rejected sincere human contact, but they finally realize that they need one another. Eventually Bob and Jennifer begin to recognize the necessity of asking for help as well as caring for others.



1970 Thespian Film:  Turn of Youth  Cast of Characters


JENNIFER ANN TRESKO (An independent, self-centered adolescent)- Anne Rutherford
MRS. SYLVIA TRESKO  (Jennifer's sophisticated, solicitous mother)--- Peggy Allen
ALAN CONRAD  (An insensitive, clever killer)----------------------------------- Nick Dalby
KATHY  (Jennifer's understanding friend) --------------------------------------- Kelly Hallmark
BILL HOFFMAN    (Jennifer's athletic admirer)---------------------------------- Brian Jarmer
BOB WALTERS   (A rejected and dejected teenager)------------------------- Bob Stull
ANNETTE   (An easily influenced non-student)- ------------------------------- Sara Siergist
TONY   (Kathy's casual boyfriend):------------------------------------------------- Tim Enriquez
MRS. BARNES   (An idealistic English teacher):------------------------------- Geraldine Hoyt

STUDENTS   (Relatively normal)
   Cindy Bilstad,  Kathy Black,  George Clark,  Dan Folwick,  Jeannie Franklin,  Kim Gibson,
   Deborah Haley,  Janice Harlan,  Deborah Harris,  Claudia Harryman,  Lisa Johnson,
   Diane Olmscheid,  Janene Felly,  Mark Phillips,  Mark Purkey,  Barbara Schmitt, 
   Yvonne Simon, Patricia Simpson,  Debbie Smith,  Cynthia Standerfer,  Shelly Tichenor,   Renee Vandeberghe, Cheryl Wilson,  Julie Wisner,  Gayle Zinsli

MR. JOHN WALTERS   (Bob's lazy, bitter father)------------------------------- Jack Rudfelt
SALLY WALTERS   (Bob's obnoxious sister)------------------------------------Sherrie Gustin
MRS. MARY WALTERS  (Bob's ineffectual, worm-out mother)------------- Katherine Rudfelt
RANDY   (A wily runaway)------------------------------------------------------------- Scott Tabor
MRS. MAYBELLE DEWBERRY  (A would-be social entertainer)-----------Susan DeVito
MAYBELLE'S DOG   (An animal replica of its mistress)--------------------- Toughy Devito
MR. OSCAR DEWBERRY  (Maybelle's simple, confused husband)----- Mike Borho
RUNAWAY DOG  (A fugitive animal with a mind of its own)----------------- Liesl McGinnis
MRS. HAXAN  (Effie von Tringle's austere housekeeper)-------------------- Cecelia Tschida
PETER VON TRINGLE  (Effie's potentially dangerous & lonely son)----- Dennis Cerveny
MRS. EFFIE VON TRINGLE    (A concerned spiritualist)---------------------- Linda Eggener
WILHELM    (Effie's mischievous but obliging poltergeist) -------------------Jerry Kallioinen
MR. HAXAN    (Effie's mentally unbalanced gardener)-------------------------Steve Dimitrovich
MR. AGUSTUS VON TRINGLE    (Effie's neurotic brother)-------------------- Mark Woolley
PEARL OLSON   (A sentimental recluse who loves birds & children)---- Stephanie Morterud
MYRTLE OLSON  (Pearl's aggressive sister)----------------------------------- Debbie Cillo
CHAD  (An unconventional hippie artist)------------------------------------------ Richard Geer
POLICEMAN   (A servant of the law who likes picnic lunches)-------------- Mark Berg
OTTO     (A sloppy country boy with refreshments)----------------------------- Tom Hughson
MITZI  (Big Mama's self-assured and coy protegee)-------------------------- Shirley Jahn
RUSTY  (A slow-witted entertainer with eyes for Ruby Rock)----------------Gene Schreiber
RUBY ROCK     (An interpretative dancer at Big Mama's)-------------------- Leona Brownlow
HENRY   (Big Mama's hard-working waiter)------------------------------------- Bill Burbach
CUSTOMERS     ("Way-out") :  Greg Blaumer, Diane Grina, Karen Dobroth, Mark Godfrey
BIG MAMA    (A vivacious hostess of a wayside retreat)----------------------- Sandi Cowling





A Short Film Created, Edited, and Directed by:
Richard Geer

Scott Griffith


Reflection reveals mirrored image as well as remembered experience.


Cast of characters (In order of appearance)



The Girl ------------------------------------------------------Susan Divito
The Father --------------------------------------------------Jerry Kallioinen
The Mother -------------------------------------------------Peggy Allen
The Boy ------------------------------------------------------Scott Griffith
The Woman ------------------------------------------------Stephanie Morterud
The Woman's Girlfriend --------------------------------Kelly Hallmark
The Stray Dog ---------------------------------------------Cuddles Divito
The Woman's Boyfriend -------------------------------Mark Woolley
The Boyfriend's Dog -------------------------------------Dusty Griffith



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