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The second Milwaukie High School Thespian film premiered in May of 1971.

Richard Geer and Leona Brownlow in "Who Will Save My Yesterdays", a Milwaukie High School Thespian Movie from 1971

Richard Geer and Leona Brownlow

This film shows a marked improvement in cinematography after my experience on shooting "Turn of Youth".







Class of 1971

Milwaukie High School Thespians




Mark Phillips and Karen Fossati in the 1971 Milwaukie High School Film "Who Will Save My Yesterdays?"

Mark Phillips (Greg) and Karen Fossati (Susan). In this scene from "Who will
Save My Yesterdays?" determination pays off when Greg and Susan discover
the key to unlock the secret of a defeated man's yesterdays.

Written, Edited, and Directed by Richard Geer,
Scott Griffith Mark Phillips

Photographed by Scott Griffith
Dave Johnsrud

Production Manager Debbie Knee

Milwaukie High Upper Health Rm. May 27, 28, & 29. 4:30 and 8:00 p.m.



Susan and Greg experience the influencing presence of Susan's deceased Uncle Rufus Woolf.  Woolf appears in various ways at unexpected tines, but he is present to reach Susan's consciousness and to help Greg.  The truth of Woolf's purpose is finally revealed to Susan through a dream and by Margo, her mother, one of the few people to understand Woolf in his lifetime.  Through the flashbacks and in Susan's search for an answer, a variety of unusual characters are revealed; Susan's and Greg's teachers and fellow students, trapped by their own roles and obsessions in life; Margo's parents, possessed by self-centered cruelty; and the nienbers of ilaurice and Effie's art colony, lacking talent but endowed with hunan kindness.

Susan's and Greg's experiences along with Woolf's persistence illustrate that a man's yesterdays can be saved as well as understood. The immortality of Woolf is conceived through Greg's innocence and Susan's sympathy.

To live in mankind is far nore than to live in a name.
Vachel Lindsays "The Eagle That Is Forgotten"


CAST OF CHARACTERS (In order of appearance)

SUSAN --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Karen Fossati
(A sensitive teenager who responds with compassion
rather than according to social conventions)


GLEN ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Steve Madlem
(A normal adolescent who is Susan's boyfriend, a big prankster)


GREG --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Mark Phillips
(An innocent, mentally incompetent teenager who tries
desperately to be accepted by his schoolmates)


RUFUS WOOLF ------------------------------------------------------------------------Richard Geer
(A bumbling but sincere inventor whose frustrations
bring hiia to another tine )


BETTY-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Connie Oslund
(A sinple-ninded, good-natured follower)


ALICE -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Kelly Hallmark
(An inquisitive intellect who instigates the psychic action)


JIM -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------George Clark
(An intellectual bookworm)


MR. MORRIS ----------------------------------------------------------------------------Dave Wells
(An impatient, short-tempered teacher)


PHYLLIS ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------Karen Dobroth
(A socially-oriented  teenager)


MIKE ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Ron Juchemich
(A teenager who has more fun when Phyllis is absent)


MARGO -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------Leona Brownlow
( A nature wonan who has accepted life but can't escape a happier yesterday)


VELMA ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Diane Grina
(A rough tomboy who thrives on a good fight)


STUDENTS-----------------------------Tony Kozar, Dave Johnsrud, Renee Vandeberghe, Gail Kulm
(Relatively abnormal but good followers)

MISS HASKIL----------------------------------------------------------------------------Beth McCoy
(An efficient but concerned teacher)


MAUDE BATES -------------------------------------------------------------------------Debbie Cillo
(An overpowering slim-gym pro who loves animals and tolerates her husband)


CLAUDE BATES------------------------------------------------------------------------Bob Stull
(A person who sets his entire life around painting changing his age but not his temperament)


CUSTODIAN-----------------------------------------------------------------------------Jerry Kallioinen
(A nan who appears to be more than he is)


MISS CHASE ----------------------------------------------------------------------------Debbie Knee
(A lover of nature with nervous, neurotic habits)

LAVINIA -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------Katherine Rudfelt
(The heartless woman who enjoys the suffering of Rufus Woolf)


HORACE ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------Jack Rudfelt
(More interested in his painting than the impractical antics of his brother Rufus)


MILLIE -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Shirley Jahn
(A phoney, flirtatious snob)


TONY --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Steve Hall
(A cruel person who spends much of his time playing
evil jokes)


EFFIE SALIBROVSKI ------------------------------------------------------------------Geraldine Hoyt
(A superstitious middle-aged woman who believes she has the talent to be a great author)


BLANCHE --------------------------------------------------------------------------------Linda Farr
(A woman of warmth and understanding, which make up for her loss of talent)


MANUFACTURER 1 -------------------------------------------------------------------Irene Jacques
(A sophisticated, impatient business woman)


MANUFACTURER 2 -------------------------------------------------------------------Lisa Cereghino
(A sympathetic, understanding business woman)


MANUFACTURER 3 -------------------------------------------------------------------Tom Hughson
(A jolly, fun-loving business man)


RUBY --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Pam Reed
(An athletically inclined health-nut who is a member of the art colony)


MAURICE SALIBROVSKI ------------------------------------------------------------Jerome Lillie
(A temperamental chef and musician whose talents consist of
playing a harmonica, guitar, and piano-organ)


ELMER -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------Scott Griffith
(A nervous photographer who always strives for perfection)


SYLVIA ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Kim Peterson
(An overly emotional artist who dances creatively)



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