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This page gives you an idea of how we build a memory album. After looking at the pictures to the right, play the video by clicking on the image of Ruth below.

Ruth Ramey - Memory Album

You can watch the completed
Memory Album



How do you build a Memory Album?


Here are the first eight pictures for Ruth Ramey's Memory Album. Narration was provided
by her daughter Lee. The story progresses from Ruth as she grows from a baby to
adulthood. This gives you an idea of how we brings photos to life and tell a story.

Ruth Ramey's Video Memory Album by Galaxy Productions
Galaxy Memory album - Ruth Ramey photo 2

Ruth was born January 3, 1920, to Harrison and Effie Eller in the small town of Paul, Idaho...

joining the other Eller children: Verlee, Vern and Bill.

Video Memory Album by Galaxy Productions
Photo-to-Video services by Galaxy Productions, Portland Oregon

Her flaming red hair & many freckles were outstanding features and no doubt played an important role in her formative years.

At an early age she displayed an attitude
of no nonsense and sass.
Memory Album Photo
Along with sass burgeoned a sense of adventure...
Memory Album Photo
Galaxy Memory Album Photo
Galaxy Memory Album Photo
A love of fashion
and an outstanding flair for having fun.
Unfortunately her mother died when Ruth was five years old.


Watch the finished Memory Album sample



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