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Mike Valdrow and Family on July 4, 2013


Mike shows his brother Tony how to use his phone / camera.


Mike announces the raising of the American flag in honour of his father.

Mother and son raising the flag.





Mike's brothers, Tony and Dave, watch the flag raising.



Chris and her sister, Marge, watch the flag raising.


Could that be a rocket? They are not legal in Oregon so I must be wrong.


Mike and his brothrt, Tony, check the photos of the flag raising.


Mike's mother with Nelson Scott

Getting hot air balloon (Sky Lantern) ready.


Second balloon is getting ready to go.

Mike's grendson, Jack, watches closely.


Mike and his brother, Dave, watch the second balloon rise.


Balloon hovers low for a while before taking off.



Barbara watches the balloon as it flies away far above.


The Valdrow family photo outside Mike's house.